1.1. Present User's Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") regulates the order and terms of rendering of service be the site, hereinafter referred to as "Coordinator", and is addressed to an individual who desires to get service from the stated site (hereinafter referred to as "Participant".)
1.2. To start getting the service a participant accepts all the rules of the present agreement fully and unconditionally and if you do not agree with any of the terms of the present agreement, the coordinator advises you to disclaim using the service.
1.3. The coordinator and the participant accept the order and form of concluding of the present agreement as equivalent in legal validity to an agreement made in a written form.
1.4. Administration of reserves the right to make any changes and additions to the User's agreement and to the site without noticing the users.

2. Terms and definitions.
Game "" is an economic on-line game "Virtual on-line money" - isolated and unique name of the playing ground owned by the coordinator and located at the addresses on the Internet, on which the Coordinator provides the service for the participant in organizing his/her leisure time in the order and on terms stated in the present agreement.
Game inventory is a conditional playing unit which is called "gold coin" for playing the game, the place of accounting and storing of which is game account of the participant in a computer in the format of accounting system of the playing ground "".
Game account is a virtual account of the participant of the game which is provided by the coordinator to every participant on the playing ground for accounting the game inventory (gold coins).

3.1. The subject of the present Agreement is providing service by the Coordinator for the Participant to organize leisure time in the game "" according to the terms of the present Agreement. Under such service, particularly, the following ones are meant: service at buying - selling game inventory (gold coins), accounting significant information: actions on the game account, providing arrangements for identification and security of the participants, development software which is integrated in the playing ground and external appliances, informational and other service necessary for organizing the game and providing service for the participant during the game on the playing ground of the coordinator.
3.2. The game in general as all it's elements and any other conjugate external playing appliances are made solely for entertaining. The participant admits that all activities in the game on the playing ground are entertainment. The participant agrees that according to the characteristics of the account his/her extent of involving in the game will be accessible in different degree.
3.3. The participant agrees that he/she is personally responsible for all the actions done with the game inventory (gold coins): buying, selling, input and output and also for the actions on the playing ground: creating, buying-selling, operations with all playing objects and other game attributes and objects used for the playing process.
3.4. The participant agrees that extent and possibility of participating in entertainment on the server of the Game are the main characteristics of the rendered service.

Guarantees and responsibilities.
4.1. The Coordinator doesn't guarantee continuous access to the playing ground and the services in case of technical failures and/or unforeseen circumstances such as inadequate work or non functioning of Internet-providers, servers of information, bank and paying systems and illegal actions of other people. The Coordinator will exert himself not to allow any failures but is not responsible for temporary technical failures and outages in the Game no matter the reasons of the failures.
4.2 The Participant agrees that the Coordinator may not be responsible for the Participant's losses which occurred because of illegal action of other people which were aimed to malfunction the security system of electronics and database of the game or because of any irregularities not dependant of the Coordinator, halt or stopping of the channels work and telecommunications used to cooperate with the Participant, and also because of illegal and invalid actions pf payment systems and other people.
4.3. The Coordinator isn't responsible for the losses which are results of using or not using by the Participant information about the game, the game rules and the Game itself and is not responsible for losses and damage which is result of the unqualified actions of the Participant or not knowing the rules or his/her mistakes in accounting.
4.4. The participant agrees that he/she uses the playing ground on hos/her own free will and on his/her own risk. The Coordinator doesn't give the Participant any guarantees that he/she will get any profit out of playing. The extent of playing the game is determined by the Participant him/herself.
4.5. The Coordinator is not responsible to the Participant for the actions of other players.
4.6. In case of appearing any argues on the playing ground the Coordinator's decision is definitive and the Participant totally agrees with it. All argues which arise because of the present agreement or are connected with it should be solved by negotiations. In case of impossibility of solving the problem arisen because of the present Agreement by negotiating should be solved according to the current legislation.
4.7. If we detect multiple accounts that relate to the same person, all relevant accounts will be closed.

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